Star Chefs Dubai

The best way to promote your products in Dubai 

All food products can be sent and tested by the greatest chefs in Dubai 

In just few years Dubai had become the capital of gastronomy, The greatest chefs from all over the world have left their countries to go work and offer their gourmet cuisine to the most excellent restaurants in this unique place, where restaurants compete in excess to welcome more than 17 million tourists each year.

Dubai produces almost nothing, the majority of products are imported from all over the world. 

For more than 7 years our work is to go around international fairs (Anuga in Germany, fancy food show in the USA, Sial etc.) in order to arrange products for chefs and find the best products for them all years around. 

Unfortunately all the international fairs were canceled because of COVID, and that made us change our way of work.

We decides to create this platform in order to carry on with introducing products to chefs without the restraint of international travel which remains quite complicated until today.

Thanks to star chefs Dubai you will be able to send your products directly to the greatest chefs in Dubai, in order to get their opinions on your products and decide if your products are good to market in the biggest restaurants in Dubai.

All food & beverage products used in well rated restaurants, pizza, pastry shops can be tested.

How it works

Sending a package to Dubai is extremely expensive it will be around 200 € for just 1kg with DHL from Europe, so we have set up a collecting point in France in order to collect all the packages that arrive each day, we gather them on a pallet and send them by plane, when it’s shipped at 5pm it will arrive in Dubai at night it will be cleared from customs and delivered before 2pm the next day. So all you have to do is send your package to France and we will take care of the rest. 

Once your package arrives in Dubai we will hand it over to many chefs so that they can test the products and give you a video feedback. 

The video will be very useful because it will allow you to have the real reaction and the real feedback as if you were there in person, besides if the feedback is good you can share it on your social networks and promote your products.

Who are the chefs?

We work with several hundred restaurants (gourmet, classic) in Dubai, but also pizza shops and small distributor

The chefs that will be testing your products have lived in Dubai for the past several years and they also take part in purchasing products for the restaurants they work at. 

How do I sell my products in Dubai?

If your products interest the chefs, we will be giving you a list of your competitors who are already based in Dubai as well as the prices of the sold products and this will allow you to make big savings.

To market your products in Dubai you have two options :First option is go to the chefs interested in your products directly second option is to go through our international trading company located here in Dubai

Promote your products in Dubai


All food products can be sent and tested by the greatest chefs in Dubai